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'We must put ourselves in the position of the subject who tries to find his way in this world, and we must remember, first of all, that the environment by which he is influenced and to which he adapts himself is his world, not the objective world of science.'

W.I. Thomas
F. Znaniecki

Qualitative Sociology Review
Volume XIX Issue 1

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Sex, Romance, and Technology: Efficiency, Predictability, and Standardization in College Dating Cultures
Alecea Standlee
Experiences of Living with Fat Bodies with Stigma in Poland. An Intersectional Analysis Based on Biographical Interviews
Beata Bielska, Anna Wójtewicz, Katarzyna Mańkowska
Contested Discursive Framing of a Bank’s Cooptative Joint CSR Model
Riki Galia
A Career in IT? The Meanings of a Career at Business Process Outsourcing Centers in Poland from a Biographical Perspective
Szymon Pilch
Skill and Deskilling in Two Automotive Assembly Plants in South Africa
Siphelo Ngcwangu

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