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'The self is essentially a social process...'

G.H. Mead

 Our Mission

Respecting a tradition in the social sciences of gaining an interpretive understanding (verstehen) of social phenomena, we are continuing to cultivate and develop the use of qualitative research as a tool of sociological inquiry. Cooperation, integration and the development of a scientific community are our core aims. As such, our journal exemplifies the following values:

of every scientist, whose work is a way of developing knowledge about the world and improving himself/ herself as a penetrating observer of this world.

Equality and Tolerance
which manifest themselves in a respect for every human being and an interest in every opinion and mode of information, as the best way to discover the truth.

of qualitative researchers who integrate through a common conception of science and through the discovery and explanation of social phenomena.

which takes advantage of pluralism and diversity to accumulate knowledge about society that is available universally and is used to influence the integration and development of various aspects of society.

integrating through a qualitative way of understanding social action, where humans are treated as subjects who create and change the social world around them.

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