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'We must put ourselves in the position of the subject who tries to find his way in this world, and we must remember, first of all, that the environment by which he is influenced and to which he adapts himself is his world, not the objective world of science.'

W.I. Thomas
F. Znaniecki

Qualitative Sociology Review
Volume X Issue 4

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The War on the Wall. Polish and Soviet War Posters Analysis
Waldemar Dymarczyk
Anti-Oppressive Visual Methodologies: Critical Appraisal of Cross-Cultural Research Design
Carolyn M. Brooks, Jennifer Poudrier
Making Play or Playing the Game? On the Question of a “Cleft Habitus” at the Doorway to the Art Fiel
Marita Flisbäck
Collective Patterns of Teachers’ Action: A Documentary Interpretation of the Construction of Habitual Knowledge
Sławomir Krzychała, Beata Zamorska
Role-Identity Dynamics in Care and Household Work: Strategies of Polish Workers in Naples, Italy
Anna Kordasiewicz
The River That Crosses an Ocean: Ifa/Orisha in the Global Spiritual Marketplace
Alexander Chirila
Public Sociology and Participatory Approaches. Towards a Democratization of Social Research?
Silvia Cataldi

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